Business Plan

1A     Direct Income

The Work Done by Youself is termed as Direct Work and Income Generated from Direct Work is termed as Direct Income

A Get 5% of Income Earned By Direct Sponsor.

Sponsor as many as Direct As you Can , and Get 5% of the total Income Earned by Your Direct Sponsor. This Income starts from Your first sponsors.

Explaination : Suppose your all Sponsors makes 50 Lacs Income in a Year, you will be getting 2.5lacs from them as your Direct Incentive

1B     Direct (Celebration Club)

Suppose there are 500 Celebration Club Achievers in our Company, And say work of 5000 PV done in a Week, then 100 x 5000 = 5Lac will be distributed among 500 Achievers. Means Rs 1000 in that week will be distributed to Each.

The Distributors will be placed in Binary Format, Other than 2 Directs (One Left and One Right Distributors will be count as spills as shown in Graph)

If you are able to Sponsor 6 left and 6 Right Persons, you will Enter into the Celebration Club of Rs 100/- per PV.

Every Week From Company Joining Turnover, From Every PV Rs 100 will be Equally Distributed among achievers of this club.

This Income Depends on Company’s Growth, With the Increase Of Growth this income will automatically Increase

2     Matching Income

Your Left and Right Group Distributors Purchases/ Repurchases different products which adds up your Left and Right Group PV.

Each Pair Matching of PV makes 1 Pair

You will get Matching Cash Incentive and Rewards as per chart shown in Figure.

Explaination : There are 15 Powerful Levels which yields you money. No Time Based Job, No Capping. Make as many as Registrations, no barring

    Matching Table

The Table id Divided in to 15 Strong Levels and Each level has its Specific Designations as mentioned in Column 2nd.

3rd Column represents the Required Number of Matching PV (pairs) to achieve that Specific Level

4th Column Represents the Cash Reward to be distributed on achieving that Respective Level

5th Column represents FAST TRACK REWARDS which will be a distributed on achieving a Respective Level.

Explaination : Hit Your Specific Levels/Targets (Pairs) for Getting Respective Cash Rewards, Designations and Fast Track Rewards as Mentioned in Table

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